Giving patients a voice and healthcare providers results.

What is it?

The WellTuned platform powered by Mention My Biz allows patients to provide real time feedback on the service they receive from healthcare organizations and staff. Our proprietary technology provides the organization an innovative framework to establish, recognize and reward behavioral objectives for their personnel. This improves patient satisfaction and employee engagement- resulting in higher HCAHPS and MACRA compliance.

"Feedback on each department and every person involved in delivering the best patient experience."

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How does it work?

Patient Experience


WellTuned was built with the patient in mind. The easy- to- use mobile interface can be accessed anywhere and allows for quick response to notifications. Feedback can be incentivized and patients can be a part of improving their experience.

Personnel Experience


WellTuned drives staff engagement. Patient feedback highlights areas of behavior that can be trained, optimized and utilized to drive performance, recognition and reward throughout the patient experience.

Provider Experience


WellTuned benefits providers by enabling them to take full advantage of the merit- based incentive component of MIPS scoring. Organizations have an opportunity to drive higher levels of patient satisfaction by fostering a transparent bond of dependency between patients and personnel, which in turn informs recruiting and reduces turnover.

Why does it matter?

As the healthcare industry evolves from volume to value- based reimbursement, in order to benefit, service providers need to find effective ways to measure the quality of the care and outcomes they are providing.

MIPS MIPS favorable adjustments of up to 9%

MIPSHCAHPS related incentives up to $1.8b

Why Partner?

  • Patient friendly. Easily accessible mobile interface is simple to navigate and cost- free to the patient.
  • Managed dashboard. Access patient feedback, departmental and employee data in one place. Assign multiple administrators. Manage assets such as endorsement badges and incentives. Promote organizational awareness with digital content.
  • Track performance. Target the behaviors that matter and track the employees who best embody them. Promote retention by recognizing and rewarding employee performance.
  • Real- time data. Incentivize patient responsiveness and exceed patients’ expectations in real time with WellTuned.
  • Ease of implementation. Frictionless set- up requires no integration, is completely configurable and can be activated with minimal lead times. Try it now by scanning the QR Code below:
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  • Did you know that organizations must implement merit based measures in 2018 to benefit from Quality- related MIPS incentives in 2020?
  • Quality of care reporting completeness will account for more than 60% of MIPS incentives
  • Costs will be assessed on the total spending for beneficiaries and feedback will be provided on specific episodes of care.
  • The CMS estimates that adjustments for providers will exceed $600m, the lion’s share of which is earmarked for exceptional performance.